UCSD Linguistics representation at AMP 2020 this weekend!

Three UCSD phonologists are co-authors on two poster presentations at AMP 2020 this weekend (Sept. 18-20), to be held virtually:

  • Eric Baković & Anna Mai, “Comparing positional licensing patterns in HG and OT” (poster session 1, Friday 9/18)
  • Nina Hagen Kaldhol & Björn Köhnlein, “North Germanic tonal accent is equipollent and metrical: Evidence from compounding” (poster session 3, Sunday 9/20)

Ivano Caponigro is presenting at SULA 11 and SuB 25

Faculty member Ivano Caponigro is giving a talk on “Headless relative clauses and the syntax-semantics mapping: Evidence from Mesoamerica” at Semantics of Under-represented Languages in the Americas (SULA) 11 on August 4-7 and, together with Dr. Peter Arkadiev, a talk on “Conveying content questions without wh-words: Evidence from Abaza” at Sinn und Bedeutung (SuB) 25 on September 3-9.

UC San Diego Linguistics at CUNY

Our graduate students and faculty are presenting at 33rd Annual CUNY Human Sentence Processing Conference, which will take place at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, from March 19th-21st 2020.

Graduate student Duk-Ho Jung and faculty Grant Goodall are presenting a poster on “Two types of wh-dependencies: Same, but different“.

Graduate student Josh Wampler and faculty Eva Wittenberg are presenting a poster on “Conceptual parallels between event and object reference in English: A new paradigm shows that demonstratives refer to more complex events“.

Graduate student Till Poppels and faculty Andy Kehler are presenting a poster on “Anything can be elided if you know how: sluicing, voice mismatch, and tough movement“.

Till is also presenting a poster with faculty Philip Miller (Université de Paris 7 – Diderot)  on “Connectivity evidence for a direct generation approach to pseudogapping“.

Our students and faculty presenting at CAMP 3, SCAMP 1, and CUSP 12

Our graduate students Catherine Arnett, Till Poppels, and Josh Wampler, and our faculty members Andy Kehler and Eva Wittenberg are presenting at CAMP 3 (California Meeting on Psycholinguistics) at UC Santa Cruz on October 26-27. Our graduate students Sihun Jung and Alex Rodriguez are presenting at SCAM 1 (Southern California Annual Meeting on Syntax) at Pomona College on November 2. Finally, Josh is also presenting at CUSP 12 (California Universities Semantics and Pragmatics) at USC on November 9-10.

Four Mayberry Lab members presenting at TISLR13

Four Mayberry Lab members will be presenting at Theories in Sign Language Research (TISLR) conference will be held at the University of Hamburg on September 26-28, 2019: three graduate students from our department, an alumna of ours, and a faculty member.

  • Graduate student Qi Cheng and Rachel Mayberry will be presenting their talk  Word order or world knowledge? Effects of early language deprivation on simple sentence comprehension.
  • Graduate student Tory Sampson and Rachel Mayberry will be presenting their talk An emerging SELF: The copula cycle in ASL.
  • Graduate student Nina Semushina will be presenting her poster with Rachel Mayberry, Age of acquisition effects on automatic magnitude estimation in ASL number signs and Arabic digits.
  • Anne Therese Fredrikson will be presenting her poster with Rachel Mayberry, Implicit causality and thematic roles in ASL: A norming study of 239 implicit causality verbs.

11 members of our department present at LSA 2020

Eleven members of our department (five graduate students, one undergraduate student,  and five faculty members) will be presenting five talks and three posters at the next Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Annual Meeting in New Orleans on January 2-5, 2020. In alphabetical order (G: graduate student; U: undergraduate student; F: UC San Diego faculty):