Alicia Muñoz Sánchez and Stéphanie Gaillard presented at SOLPHE

Spanish Academic coordinator Alicia Muñoz Sánchez and French Academic coordinator Stéphanie Gaillard gave a talk on “The core of language teaching: an approach to effective teacher training” at the Symposium on Language Pedagogy in Higher Education on Saturday October 3rd, 2020. The conference was supposed to take place in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois but was moved online because of COVID-19.

NSF award for Eric Baković and Leon Bergen

The National Science Foundation has awarded Eric Baković, Leon Bergen, and CSE’s Nadia Polikarpova a $400K grant to continue their work building a software tool to efficiently learn phonological processes directly from data. There’s a short description on the NSF website here, and there is an even more accessibly-written piece featuring Polikarpova and her many accomplishments, with a focus on this work, here. A conference paper our research team published in 2019 is here.

UCSD Linguistics representation at AMP 2020 this weekend!

Three UCSD phonologists are co-authors on two poster presentations at AMP 2020 this weekend (Sept. 18-20), to be held virtually:

  • Eric Baković & Anna Mai, “Comparing positional licensing patterns in HG and OT” (poster session 1, Friday 9/18)
  • Nina Hagen Kaldhol & Björn Köhnlein, “North Germanic tonal accent is equipollent and metrical: Evidence from compounding” (poster session 3, Sunday 9/20)

Matthew Carter, Nina Hagen Kaldhol, and Matt Zaslansky presented at SLE

Ph.D. students Matthew Carter, Nina Hagen Kaldhol and Matt Zaslansky gave talks at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea. The conference was supposed to take place in Bucharest, but was moved online. The organizers did a great job in making a virtual program, including a welcome session with musical performances from all over Europe!

Matthew Carter. “What Licenses Polyfunctionality?: The Case of /b3/ in Ket”.

Nina Hagen Kaldhol and Sverre Stausland Johnsen. “Grammaticalization in Somali and the shaping of prosodic types”.

Matthew Zaslansky. “Persistence and variation in Turkic deponent verbs”.

Three new grants for the Language Comprehension Lab

Faculty member Eva Wittenberg, PI of the Language Comprehension Lab, just received both an IBM University Award and a UCSD Innovation Grant for Inclusive Research Excellence, to better understand how the COVID-19 pandemic influences language comprehension throughout society, in an exciting ongoing project with colleagues Rachel OstrandDan Kleinman, and Adam Morgan. Dr. Wittenberg was also awarded a Yankelovich Center Book Manuscript/Grant Proposal Improvement Grant.

Language Comprehension Lab presentations at SAFAL-1 and AMLaP

Our Language Comprehension Lab has four presentations this week, one at the First South Asian Forum on the Acquisition and Processing of Language (SAFAL), and three at AMLaP: