NSF award for Eric Baković and Leon Bergen

The National Science Foundation has awarded Eric Baković, Leon Bergen, and CSE’s Nadia Polikarpova a $400K grant to continue their work building a software tool to efficiently learn phonological processes directly from data. There’s a short description on the NSF website here, and there is an even more accessibly-written piece featuring Polikarpova and her many accomplishments, with a focus on this work, here. A conference paper our research team published in 2019 is here.

Congratulations to Priyanka Biswas!

Congrats to Priyanka Biswas, who is joining Apple as a Computational Linguist. She will be working to expand Siri’s functionality internationally.

Priyanka has lectured for the Department for the past two years, teaching a variety of courses (Languages and Cultures of America, Syntax, and Computational Linguistics). We are sad to see her go, but pleased to see where she’s going!

CARTA symposium featured in Science

The recent CARTA symposium on Domestication and Human Evolution co-hosted by Prof. Robert Kluender was featured in Science magazine:


You can access videos of all the symposium talks including Robert Kluender’s introduction at the CARTA website: http://carta.anthropogeny.org/events/domestication-and-human-evolution