I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics at UC San Diego. I completed my PhD in Linguistics at MIT in 2018 (you can download my dissertation here). I am also currently the department’s Undergraduate Faculty Advisor—click here if you are a linguistics undergrad!

I research theoretical syntax and am especially interested in the syntax-morphology interface. Much of my work has been centred around three overlapping topics: (i) the interaction of case, agreement, and movement (especially in ergative languages), (ii) the morphosyntactic properties of pronominal clitics, and (iii) the internal structure and formation of morphologically complex words. I have primarily investigated these topics through the lens of Inuktitut (or Inuktut), as well as related varieties, which I have been learning about in various ways since 2009. Since joining UCSD in 2019, I have also begun conducting descriptive and theoretical research on the the San Juan Piñas variety of Mixtec (Oto-Manguean), focusing on its tonal and morphosyntactic properties, in collaboration with Gabriela Caballero, language teacher Claudia Juárez Chávez, and our students. Finally, I have past projects on Yimas (Lower-Sepik; Papuan) and Kikuyu (Bantu).

At UCSD, I am a member of the Linguistics Field Research Lab and co-organize the Syntax and Semantics Babble (S-Babble) discussion group.

The header image was taken in July 2017 near the community of Iqaluit, Nunavut, after several “bergy bits” washed up on the shore.

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