UCSD Computational Psycholinguistics Lab at AMLaP

UCSD’s Computational Psycholinguistics Lab will have nine oral and poster presentations at the Conference onĀ Architectures & Mechanisms for Language Processing 2015, 3-5 September in Valletta, Malta!

  • Compositional and holistic representation in multiword expression.
    Bushong, W., Morgan, E., Yen, M. & Levy, R.
  • The rules of statistics make no exception for reading research: False positive rates in eyetracking studies of reading behavior.
    von der Malsburg, T., & Angele, B.
  • The impact of reading modality on sentence comprehension.
    von der Malsburg, T., Vasishth, S., & Levy, R.
  • The influence of foreshadowing metaphors in a crime story by Ian Fleming.
    von der Malsburg, T., Joseph, H., Troscianko, E., Kukkonen, K., & Nation, K.
  • Resolving quantity and informativeness implicature in indefinite reference.
    Poppels, T. & Levy, R.
  • Structure-sensitive noise inference: Comprehenders expect exchange errors.
    Poppels, T. & Levy, R.
  • Generative and item-specific knowledge jointly determine language structure. Morgan, E. & Levy, R.
  • Productive knowledge and direct experience trade off gradiently and rationally in processing binomial expressions. Morgan, E. & Levy, R.
  • If you want a quick hug, make it count: How grammar affects estimated event durations. Wittenberg, E. & Levy, R.

San Diego Linguistic Papers Issue 5

Issue 5 of San Diego Linguistic Papers, the department’s working-paper series, has been published. The issue is available online through eScholarship or from the SDLP website.

This issue includes four papers:

Morgan, Hope E. When does a word emerge? Lexical and phonological variation in a young sign language
Lepic, Ryan. English particle verb alternations: Evidence from acceptability judgments
Hout, Katherine. A lexical indexation account of exceptions to hiatus resolution in Mushunguli
Mata, R. Noun class agreement and the elements of the noun phrase in Gitonga-Inhambane