Scott Seyfarth defends!

Congratulations to Scott Seyfarth on the defense of his dissertation Contextual and morphological effects in speech production!
Scott will be moving to New York City in the fall for a position as visiting assistant professor in the NYU Linguistics Department.

San Diego Linguistic Papers Issue 6

The sixth issue of San Diego Linguistic Papers is now available. SDLP is the working-papers series of the UC San Diego Department of Linguistics. This issue includes five papers by members of the San Diego linguistics research community:

Frederiksen, Anne Therese. Hold + stroke gesture sequences as cohesion devices: Examples from Danish narratives
DeAnda, Stephanie; Hendrickson, Kristi; Zesiger, Pascal; Poulin-Dubois, Diane; Friend, Margaret. Lexical access in the second year: A cross-linguistic study of monolingual and bilingual vocabulary development
McCollum, Adam. Vowel dispersion and Kazakh labial harmony
Kroeger, Richard. Folk definitions of Korean ideophones
Malouf, Robert. Generating morphological paradigms with a recurrent neural network

Issue 6 is published online through eScholarship, and is available there or from the SDLP website.