Adam McCollum has two upcoming presentations at WCCFL 35

At this year’s West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, Adam McCollum will be giving a talk on “Non-iterative vowel harmony in Crimean Tatar” with Darya Kavitskaya from Berkeley at 9:30 on April 28th.

He will also be presenting a poster entitled “Unbounded harmony is not always myopic: Evidence from Tutrugbu” with James Essegbey from the University of Florida.

UCSD Grads at conferences this summer!

The first wave of students are off on the summer conference circuit:
• Younah Chung and Page Piccinnini are presenting posters at the Acoustical Society of America/International Congress of Acoustics meeting in Montreal June 2-7, 2013
Bethany Keffala is giving a talk at the International Child Phonology Conference at Radboud University in Nijmegen on June 11.