UCSD presentations at the Workshop on Model Theoretic Representations in Phonology

Three UCSD linguists will be presenting work at the upcoming Workshop on Model Theoretic Representations in Phonology at Stony Brook University (Sept. 22-24):

  • Postdoctoral researcher Eric Meinhardt will be giving a tutorial entitled “SMT solvers as a research tool for phonology”
  • Graduate student Olivia Griffin will be giving a talk entitled “Computational Complexity and Iconic Functions of Morphophonological Processes” (a collaboration with Jia He Sun, Queen’s University)
  • Faculty member Eric Baković will be participating in a panel discussion (with Karthik Durvasula, MSU; Adam Jardine, Rutgers; and Kristine Yu, UMass)

The workshop will take place in a hybrid format, and is free for all to register and attend.

Maxine Van Doren presenting at The Fall Voice Conference

Graduate student Maxine Van Doren will be presenting a poster on voice quality in Spanish-English bilinguals at the upcoming Fall Voice Conference in San Francisco on October 6-8, 2022. She has also been invited to serve on a panel entitled, “When to Say No,” a presentation for early career speech-language pathologists on evaluating career opportunities and maintaining work-life balance.

Maho Takahashi and Catherine Arnett present at Machine Learning and the Evolution of Language

Graduate students Maho Takahashi and Catherine Arnett will present their poster entitled “Creating a Baseline to Evaluate Correlations Between Language and Environment” at the Machine Learning and the Evolution of Language workshop as part of the Joint Conference on Language Evolution hosted online/in Kanazawa, Japan September 5-8, 2022.

Language Comprehension Lab is presenting 3 talks at AMLaP 2021

Graduate students in the Language Comprehension Lab and the lab director faculty member Eva Wittenberg will present one full talk and two short talks at Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing (AMLaP) 2021, which will be held in person and virtually in Paris on September 2-4, 2021:

  • Full talk: Joshua Wampler & Eva Wittenberg: Discourse structure affects reference resolution to events
  • Short talk: Ebru Evcen & Eva Wittenberg: The consideration of alternatives during incremental comprehension of counterfactuals
  • Short talk: Carson Miller Rigoli, Mickaël Pruvost, Annie Colin & Eva Wittenberg: PASCAL: Pressure Analysis for Studying Cognition, Autonomic Function, and Language

Talks at WOCAL 10

Four department members are presenting papers at the World Congress of African Linguistics (WOCAL 10) held virtually at Leiden University this week:

Himidan Hassen, Peter Jenks, Nina Hagen Kaldhol & Sharon RoseContent questions in Tira”

Michael Obiri-Yeboah “Interactions between ATR vowel harmony and nasality”

Anthony-Struthers YoungSame subject reference in Northern Toussian”