Claudia Duarte-Borquez, Maxine Van Doren, and Marc Garellek publish paper in Languages

Graduate students Claudia Duarte-Borquez and Maxine Van Doren, with faculty member Marc Garellek, have published a paper entitled “Utterance-final voice quality in American English and Mexican Spanish bilinguals” in a special issue of Languages.

The paper, which analyzes the voice quality of English-Spanish bilinguals from Southern California and Baja California, can be found here. The paper is part of a special issue on “Prosody in Shared Linguistic Spaces of the Spanish-Speaking World.”

Alex Rodríguez, Maho Takahashi, and Grant Goodall present at HSP 2023

Graduate students Alex Rodríguez and Maho Takahashi, along with faculty member Grant Goodall, presented posters at the 2023 Human Sentence Processing conference held at the Univ. of Pittsburgh. Alex’s and Grant’s poster was on “Clitic Left Dislocation in Spanish: Island sensitivity without gaps”, while Maho and Grant presented two posters, one on “Island effects persist despite context: The case of double relatives in Japanese” and the other on “Crossed vs. nested dependencies and crosslinguistic variability in islands”.

Grant Goodall publishes article on constructed languages

Faculty member Grant Goodall published an article entitled “Constructed Languages” in the open-access journal Annual Review of Linguistics. The article examines philosophical languages of the 17th century, international auxiliary languages of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the languages for film and television that started to become common in the late 20th century, and the artificial languages for psycholinguistic experiments that are widely used now. The article argues that each of these types of languages presents interesting research questions and deserves increased attention from linguists.