ALCHEMY publishes work from students and emerging translators that engages translation in traditional and innovative ways.

Submissions for Winter 2023 are due on Friday, December 30, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST.

This issue’s theme is Autonomy:

Autonomy—the condition of being free to act independently without coercion or outside influence—is a concept with relevance in numerous areas and disciplines. It carries implications about the physical and medical, the mental and psychological, the social and political, and has also been used in examining the nature of a translated text.

In its most literal contexts, autonomy often has direct links to human rights issues and is regularly sought after and fought for while frequently at risk of being taken away. While the term evokes a sense of agency and freedom, it also calls into question potential limitations or negative connotations: Autonomy granted to whom or which entity? Autonomy over what and for how long? Is it relative or is it absolute?

Reflect on autonomy and its role or relevance in your translated works (textual or visual)—then send your translations our way for consideration in the winter issue.

Alchemy welcomes traditional and non-traditional translations as well as experimental work that investigates or challenges the very act of translation. You may submit translated poemsshort fictionnon-fictiondramatic works/dialogueslettersreviews, or cross-genre/unclassifiable work. We also accept submissions of visual art, which may be considered for the cover art.

  • Poetry: 1-2 poems
  • Prose (Fiction/Non-Fiction/Other): max. 2,000 words (word count must be displayed on the first page in the bottom righthand corner)
  • Drama/Dialogue: max. 5-minute scene
  • Cross-Genre/Unclassifiable Works: combine the aforementioned criteria in the manner that best fits
  • Visual Art: 1-5 works, can be a series (submit JPEG or PNG file)

We accept work mainly from student translators and emerging translators, but we also consider work from professional translators who have not yet published a full-length book of translation. If you are a student, please include the name of your school, as well as your major or program of study and any professors or faculty mentors you have worked on your translation with. Please include copies of the translation(s) as well as the source text(s) plus two short bios (500 words max each), one of the original author and one of yourself. Also, feel free to share any relevant information about your translation method and ways your work fits with theme. We do not accept previously published translations or works that you are not authorized to publish (authorization includes rights via Creative Commons, public copyright license, or permission from original author/rights-holder).

Thank you, and we look forward to reading your work!

ALCHEMY Editorial Staff