ALCHEMY, a journal of translation published at UCSD, is currently accepting submissions for our Summer 2021 issue. We are looking for work from students, amateur translators, and emerging professional translators that engages translation in both traditional and innovative ways.

Submissions for our next issue are due June 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST.

Our current theme is METAMORPHOSIS:

Slow shifts are now upon us. Another tightly-coiled winter gives way to the hesitant unspooling of springtime: new growth, rebirth, soft openings. Amidst the long-awaited vaccination rollouts, we test the waters, trying to find ways to ease into interaction while being mindful of unequal access and those we’ve lost along the way. With another season’s deadly examples of deeply flawed systems, more and more of us desire to imagine something better. The thing about metamorphosis is that we can’t always know exactly how it will turn out: we have to trust the process.

Similarly, translation is always a process of metamorphosis. Language is transformed in accordance with sound, meaning, shape, tradition, ritual. Whatever we end up with bears the imprint of all those who touched it, and, if metamorphosis is true, always contains within it the essence of the original.

For the summer issue, send us your transformations, your shapeshifting language, your narratives of change.

Alchemy welcomes translations of poems and stories as well as nontraditional translations that investigate what, exactly, the act of translation can be. You may submit translated works of poetry, short fictionnonfictioncross-genre, or unclassifiable work, as well as reviews of books in translation. We are also accepting submissions for cover art.

  • Poetry — submit one or two poems
  • Prose (Fiction/Non-Fiction/Other) — max. 2,000 words (word count must be displayed on the first page, right corner)
  • Drama/Dialogue — brief (max. 5-minute scene)
  • Cross-Genre and Experimental Works — feel free to combine the aforementioned criteria in a fitting manner
  • Visual Art — submit as a JPEG or PNG file

We accept work from students, amateur translators, and professional translators who have not yet published a full-length book of translation. If you are a student, please include the name of your school, as well as your program of study (if applicable) and any teachers or faculty advisors you may have worked on your translation with. Whether you are a student or emerging translator, please include copies of the original texts, as well as short bios (500 words max) of both the original author and yourself.

Please only submit work that you are authorized to publish (via Creative Commons, public copyright license, original author or rights-holder, etc.).

Thank you, & we look forward to reading your work!
Alchemy Editorial Staff