ALCHEMY, a journal of translation published at UCSD, is currently accepting submissions. We are looking for work from students and emerging translators (out of school for fewer than five years) that engages translation in both traditional and innovative ways. We welcome translations of poems and stories as well as nontraditional translations that investigate what, exactly, the act of translation can be.

For the next issue, we are particularly interested in science fiction! We invite you to interpret this as broadly as we invite you to interpret translation. Traditional sci fi, speculative and slipstream work, and experiments are all very welcome. 

You may submit translated works of poetry, short fiction and nonfiction, as well as reviews of books in translation. We are also accepting submissions for cover art.

If you are a student, please include the name of the school or institution of higher learning you attend, as well as your program of study (if applicable). We also ask that you provide contact information for one teacher or faculty advisor who has agreed to assist you in preparing your translation for publication. Whether you are a student or emerging translator, please include copies of the original texts with your translations.

We have expanded our journal to include a section for young translators, students 18 years of age or younger. Translation tools especially geared towards teaching young translators are available on our site. We accept submissions from these translators using the same submission criteria; please include contact information for a teacher with whom you worked on the translation.

Please limit submissions to five pages of poetry or ten pages of prose.

We will assume that, by submitting to Alchemy, you have acquired permission from the original author or rights-holder to publish the translation.

Send all submissions to: with the heading Poetry Submission, Fiction Submission, Non-Fiction Submission, Review, or Cover Art Submission.

Thank you, and we look forward to reading your work!

Alchemy Editorial Staff

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