About Alchemy

Alchemy is committed to publishing fresh, engaging translations in a variety of genres and styles. We mainly accept work from students and emerging translators as we seek to promote the creativity and linguistic talent of the up-and-coming generation. We welcome traditional and non-traditional translations as well as experimental pieces. We are based in the University of California, San Diego’s Literature and Linguistics departments. Our journal is edited and published entirely by UCSD students who like to think about translation as an alchemical process of transporting and transforming meaning.

Editor in Chief

Reem Hazboun Taşyakan

Editorial Team

Bahar Abdi
Nolan Dannels
Lucien Herzog
Kira Jacobson
Nilufar Karimi
Neon Mashurov
Makenzie Read
Evelyn Vasquez

Editorial Alumni

Neon Mashurov (Editor in Chief; 2020-2022)
Nolan Dannels (Editor in Chief; 2020)
Iliria Osum (Editor in Chief; 2019-2020)
AAO (Editor in Chief; 2018)
T.m Lawson (Editor in Chief; 2017)
Valentina Calvache (Editor in Chief 2016-2017)
MarieJo Delgadillo (Editor in Chief; 2015-2016)
Sarah Ciston (Editor in Chief; 2014-2015)
Paola Capó-García (Editor in Chief; 2013-2014)
Pepe Rojo (Editor in Chief; 2013-2014)
Jose Antonio Villaran (Editor in Chief; 2012-2013)
Allie Moreno (Editor in Chief; 2011-2012)
Chloe Asano (2020-2021)
Margaux Paul (2020-2021)
Nico Luna (2020-2021)
Rachel Diaz (2014-2015)
Amber Knight (2014-2015)
Anna Parkhurst (2014-2015)
Meryl Press (2014-2015)
Lilibeth Moreno (2013-2014)
Bryan Constantino (2013-2014)
Mika Kennedy (2011-2014)
Matthew Chow (2011-2012)
Brian Eazer (2011-2012)
Shannon Fox (2011-2012)
Andrew Hsieh (2011-2012)
Natasha Stambuk (2011-2012)

Faculty Directors

Amelia Glaser (Literature)

Faculty Advisory Board

Gabriel Bámgbóṣé
John Blanco
Gabriela Caballero
Amy Sara Carroll
Jin Lee
Brandon Som

Web Designer

Kevin Jang


Milda Zilinskaite (External consultation)
Sophia Liapounova (Illustrations)