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Phonology at GLOW XXX

Just to keep you posted, there will be two days of phonology at GLOW XXX in Tromsø — stop by if you’re in the neighborhood!

On Wednesday, April 18, there will be a GLOW Workshop on Segmental Inventories, featuring talks by Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero, Daniel Currie Hall, Adam Wayment & Luigi Burzio & Donald Mathis & Robert Frank, Karthik Durvasula, Paul Boersma, Bruce Morén, and Keren Rice.

On Thursday, April 19, there will be a daylong phonology session as part of the GLOW XXX Main Session. We’ll hear from Nieke Roos & Paula Fikkert, Pétur Helgason & Cathie Ringen, Gunnar Hansson, Akinbiyi Akinlabi, Mohamed Lahrouchi, Dan Karvonen, and Andrew Martin.
More details at CASTL’s webpage.


In case you missed it on the Optimal List:

Dear Colleagues,

Here’s a reminder that the deadline for submitting an abstract to GLOW XXX is November 1, 2006.

Our general session has no theme and phonology papers are of course welcome there. There will be a minimum of one full day of phonology at the general session. Our keynote speaker for the general session will be Noam Chomsky. (Note that GLOW XXX coincides with the 50th anniversary of the publication of Syntactic Structures!)

We will also have a one-day workshop in phonology, at which Keren Rice will be our keynote speaker. The topic of this workshop is: The structure of segment inventories.

(The conference also includes a syntax workshop on Selective Global Comparison, and an acquisition workshop on Children’s Acquisition of Variable Word Order. Tell your friends!)

The GLOW board decided in Barcelona that authors may not submit identical abstracts to the workshop and the general session.

Although we cannot make a firm commitment until replies to grant notifications arrive in December, we plan to subsidize speakers at the workshop as well as speakers at the general session.

The GLOW XXX website — which includes details about abstract preparation and submission — can be visited at

We hope you’ll join us in Tromsø April 11-14 and we look forward to seeing your abstract! (For more about Tromsø, go to