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Welcome to phonoloblog, a weblog for phonologists (and other interested linguists) to share any and all ideas relevant to phonology and phonological theory. If you’re a phonologist (or other interested linguist, or even just interested), you’re welcome to contribute — just read and agree to the “rules” below.

Comments on posts are automatically open to anyone who agrees to the rules. Actual posts require a username and password — ask Eric (

Rules of phonoloblog (updated as necessary; last update Jan. 14, 2006)

  1. phonoloblog is owned and administered by Eric Baković, a phonologist at UC San Diego.
  2. In principle, phonoloblog is open to contributions from anyone with a research interest in phonology. If you would like to be a contributor to phonoloblog, please contact Eric ( and he’ll set you up (some restrictions apply). Of course, you’re perfectly welcome to just lurk.
  3. phonoloblog is primarily a blog for linguists, and so our contributors are not obliged to submit material that is understandable to nonlinguists (though some may do so). If you want more nonlinguist-friendly linguistics material — or just not so much phonology — check out Language Log instead.
  4. Any abuse of these rules will be dealt with swiftly and unapologetically.

Rules for comments (by way of H. Paul Grice). Disobey them and your comment will be removed.

  1. Quantity
    • Make your contribution to the conversation as informative as necessary.
    • Do not make your contribution to the conversation more informative than necessary.
  2. Quality
    • Do not say what you believe to be false.
    • Do not say that for which you lack adequate evidence.
  3. Relevance
    • Be relevant (i.e., say things related to the current topic of the conversation).
  4. Manner
    • Avoid obscurity of expression.
    • Avoid ambiguity.
    • Be brief (avoid unnecessary wordiness).
    • Be orderly.

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