Phonology, syntax and the lexicon: interdependence

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Phonology, syntax and the lexicon: interdependence

14th Oral English Conference at Villetaneuse, Paris XIII

ALOES 2008: 4-5 April 2008
(the ALOES is the French association for oral English)

Last Call for Papers — abstract deadline: 10 February 2008

Guest plenary speaker: Heinz Giegerich, University of Edinburgh

Conference theme

There are many representational models which aim to show the complex relations between phonology, syntax and the lexicon. The theme “Interdependence” is intended to allow for a wide variety of approaches and topics : Papers may use any theoretical framework to study those
aspects of phonology which highlight the question of interdependency. Which syntactic / phonological constituents converge, and which do not? How significant is the distinction between lexical / post lexical phonology and how do these different levels relate to each other?

The conference theme should enable participants to re-examine the macro syntax, clauses, phrases, boundaries and their phonetic correlates. Potential areas for study are: lexical units and phonological processes concerned by different levels of the prosodic hierarchy; the phonological status of boundaries, domains, units – the foot or the clitic group, for example.

Abstracts not directly related to the theme and posters will also be considered.

Working languages : English and French

Anonymous abstracts should be sent by 10 February 2008 to (300 words maximum plus separate page giving personal details).

Contact person: Nicolas Ballier, Christiane Migette

Organising committee : Viviane Arigne, Nicolas Ballier, Christiane Migette and Olivier Simonin

Selection committee : Viviane Arigne, Nicolas Ballier, Alain Deschamps, Ruth Huart, Christiane Migette, Alain Nicaise, Jenny Vince

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