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  1. Bruce Hayes

    Thanks, Eric for alerting phonologists to the forthcoming UCLA WCCFL conference. Naturally I’m hoping there will be a lot of great phonology abstract! Below I’ve appended more information from the organizing committee.

    –Bruce Hayes

    The 27th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

    May 16 – 18, 2008
    University of California-Los Angeles
    Los Angeles, California, USA

    Invited Speakers
    Hagit Borer – USC
    Elliott Moreton – UNC
    Liina Pylkkänen – NYU

    General Session
    Abstracts from all areas of formal linguistics and from any theoretical perspective are invited for 20-minute talks in the general session.

    Special Session I: Experimental Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics
    Support for formal linguistic theories can often be found in empirical study. Abstracts that use objective measures to address issues in syntax, semantics, or pragmatics are invited for 20-minute talks in this special session.

    Special Session II: Explaining Phonological Typology: Channel or Analytic Bias?

    One problem in addressing phonological typology has been the compatibility of data with both cognitive and phonetic predispositions. This session solicits papers which address and attempt to tease apart the effects of such biases.

    Instructions for Abstract Submission

    Abstracts must be at most one page long on a letter-size sheet (8″1/2 by 11″) with one-inch margins and typed in at least 11-point font. An optional second page is permitted for data and references. Abstracts must be anonymous.

    For more information on how to submit an abstract, or on the conference, please visit our website:

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