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I’ve just revamped and updated the phonolojobs page (always accessible in the “Pages” area of the sidebar). In case you missed it when I first mentioned it — I lazily buried it in a post about something else, after all — the phonolojobs page is meant to be a place to collect ads for jobs of specific interest to us phono-types. It partially duplicates LINGUIST List in this regard, but I still think it’s helpful (and hope you all think so, too).

The revamping is noted on the phonolojobs page itself so I won’t say anything else about that here (other than to note that it’s As far as the updating goes, I had a little catching up to do — in particular, I heard about three (count ’em, three!) general linguistics jobs at UC Irvine that, as far as I can tell, have not been announced on LINGUIST List or anywhere else that is readily accessible.

According to the job ad, the good folks at UCI

seek candidates with strong backgrounds in theoretical linguistics (any area), or in the empirical or computational study of language (e.g., anthropological linguistics, psycholinguistics, neuroscientific studies of language, computational linguistics, naturalistically informed philosophy of language). The successful candidates will collectively form the core of an interdisciplinary program in the language sciences. Each candidate will be hired into one of the affiliated departments (Cognitive Science, Anthropology, or Logic and Philosophy of Science).

There still appears to be a Department of Linguistics at UCI, but as many of you may know it has (sadly) been decimated over the last several years. But Bernard Tranel is still there, along with several other visitors, lecturers, and affiliated faculty. The prospects look good.

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