Reviewers wanted!

If I had more time, I’d want to review at least one of these five books recently announced as “available for review” on LinguistList (listed here in the order in the announcement):

  1. Burzio’s Principles of English Stress (CUP, 2005; apparently an update/revision of the 1994 edition),
  2. Coleman’s Phonological Representations: Their Names, Forms and Powers (CUP, 2005),
  3. Giegerich’s Lexical Strata in English: Morphological Causes, Phonological Effects (CUP, 2005),
  4. Silverman’s A Critical Introduction to Phonology: Of Sound, Mind, and Body (Continuum, 2005),
  5. Newman’s Coursebook in Feature Geometry (LINCOM, 2003).

I don’t have time, but maybe a phonoloblog reader out there does, and I’ll be happy to cross-post.

I do have time to note this one little odd thing in the abstract for the Giegerich book, though:

Drawing examples from English and German, [Giegerich] uncovers and spells out in detail the principles of ‘lexical morphology and phonology’, a theory that has in recent years become increasingly influential in linguistics.

I guess that depends a lot on how you interpret “recent years” … still, I’m sure it’s interesting.

One thought on “Reviewers wanted!

  1. Marc van Oostendorp

    Giegerich’s book must also be a revision/update or, most probably, just a reprint (in paperback). The first edition of ‘Lexical strata in English’ appeared 1999. The development of Lexical Morphology and Phonology was a little more recent then than it is now. The first, very short, chapter is called ‘A requiem for Lexical Phonology?’ and discusses ”the first main-stream book on Lexical Phonology (Mohanan 1986)” and a review of that book by Gussmann, which appeared in the Journal of Linguistics in 1999.And yes, Giegerich’s book surely is interesting.

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