As many of you know, Adam Albright and I enjoy collecting aggressive reduplications. (Short version: I’ve argued that if a word has partial internal similarity, there’s a drive to treat it as reduplicated. One consequence of such treatment is enhancement of that similarity, as in orangutan > orangutang.)

Bryan came across a fictional example the other day in Boondocks
that could be called “exuberant reduplication”:

Pyongyang (which in real life has 1,050,000 Google hits today) > …

  • Pyongpyang (10 hits): onsets made to match
  • Papoyongpayang (0 hits): ignoring initial reduplicated pa, we could view this as illegal onsets broken up, consonantal template made identical for poyong and payang. (By the way, there are 5 hits for poyongyang.)
  • Pyangyang (101 hits): vowels made to match. (1,040 hits for Pyongyong, but I think some [a minority!] refer to a town whose name could reasonably be romanized that way.)
  • Pyoungpongtang, Payangpatang-tang (0 hits each): now we’re just getting silly, but still in a reduplicative way.

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