I didn’t foresee this happening last summer when I joined the phonoloblog team, but I have started a new blog. It has been apparent that although I’ve always restricted my posts to language phenomena, some of them fall outside the phonoloblog mission of “all things phonology”. So the new blog, piloklok, is for the linguistic-but-not-quite-phonological. I plan to continue contributing to phonoloblog regularly, but keeping the discussion to phonology within the scope of the academic and the pedagogical.

Things like discussions of foot structure, rule-ordering, constraint ranking, accent phonology, learnability, and phonological typology will continue to appear here. Things like the linguistics of sports and reality TV (phonological and otherwise) and stupid newspaper headlines will go on piloklok.

You may notice the unfortunate mismatch of the p-initial blog name and b-initial url. I chose the url before I had fully thought through the name, and I apologize if this creates an issue. It probably won’t be a problem since neither of the strings piloklok or biloklok exists anywhere in the webspace until now, and now they’re both on the same site. I’m going to keep it that way for now as a little joke that only a phonologist would get (and not laugh at).

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