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I’ve just added a couple links to my blogroll (set of links to the right, just below the calendar, most of them to blogs but some not) that I thought deserved special mention. One of them is Sally Morrison’s The Language Feed, “a weekly roundup of language news articles found around the web” (noted last night on LINGUIST List). The other is a very similar site, Dominic Watt’s language and linguistics in the news (which I’ve abbreviated “lg and lx in the news” in the blogroll). These are both excellent resources for news items about language for introductory linguistics courses and for blog rants.

Oh, and Bob, the reason you couldn’t figure out how to post a comment is because I messed something up on the comments template. It should be working now. And don’t forget that you have to deliberately turn comments on for your post if you want to allow comments. To do so, click on the “Allow Comments” checkbox on the page where you edit your post. The relevant part of the page looks like this:

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