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If the first line of this post is not recognizable, then you probably have a browser (or a machine) that doesn’t properly display extended ASCII Unicode characters. This may be a problem for this blog, since we will probably often need to use phonetic transcription. I have very little experience with this; the html ASCII character codes for this post’s title were stolen from Geoff Pullum‘s website. The page is not organized in a way that is particularly useful for phonetic transcription (nor was it meant to be), but Geoff (or someone) was kind enough to label where the nonstandard characters, the IPA characters, and the Greek, etc. characters start.

It seems to me that what we need is one or more of the following, in ascending order of preference:

  • Someone to edit the html ASCII character code page to make it more useful for us phonologists.
  • Someone to find a page in which the above has already been done.
  • Someone to suggest and/or provide something better than having to type in (or copy-and-paste) ASCII character codes for this purpose.

Update, 8/1/2004: Trochee at LiveJournal writes with some helpful advice (and just a little deserved admonishment):

My quibbles and comments:

All this within a couple of hours of me announcing phonoloblog on Language Log. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: that’s the power of blogging.

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