On dealing with Digital Cruelty

A news article on the New York times recently popped up regarding speech on the internet, mostly from  internet trolls. The name of the article is called Dealing With Digital Cruelty by Stephanie Rosenbloom. She begins by presenting data and information on cyberbullying and uses Robert Willieams daughter as an example of a person deleting her twitter account after being trolled by people on the internet. She then begins to address the issue on what to do when people are bullied in cyberspace and how to react according to that. Some of the examples she uses are from a Professor Palweski. He believes that by arguing in your mind against the comments people say as well as making them seem funny by mimicking them aloud would help bring less strain from people’s comments. Although these themselves are good examples of what to do with internet bullying, I believe that they don’t really deal with the bullying in cyberspace. They don’t address the fact that cyber-bullies are out there trying to hurt people with their comments. It only addresses ways for us to prevent ourselves from being hurt but they don’t get rid of cyber bullying. It is still there harming those that can’t fight back.

I think before trying to react towards those mean comments cyber bullies throw in the internet, people have to know their value and know who they are before they begin to address these comments. I think this is important because then, it wont matter what these bullies say through their harsh language. Also a flaw in the professors theory is as follows, only those that have the mental capacity to ignore those comments will successfully be able to overcome cyber bullying. Those that don’t have that mental capacity because of previous experiences, pains and hurts, will continue to fall under those comment that attack their work and identity. It is these people that get attacked that should get protection. I believe this should be dealt with by internet maintenance through specific personal. What I mean by this is that perhaps individuals whom aren’t the authors of any kind of media could be keeping an eye out for internet trolls and delete those comments. Mostly, because these non-authors won’t have backlash on the comments because it isnt their published work. People tend to feel more attacked when it is their work that gets trolled and attacked. It gets rid of an emotional strain. Also, perhaps the government can perhaps regulate hurtful language on the internet through hate speech towards specific comments on media works. That way it would protect the various actors from being emotionally and psychologically strained.