Lane Kenworthy Interview with ASA Section Newsletter

Prfessor Lane Kenworthy of Sociology was featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Accounts on Economic Sociology and Inequality. The contributions in this issue show the wide variation in the topics addressed in high quality research by Section members. It also brings to attention the outstanding contributions of the Accounts co-editors, who initiated informative interviews with scholars who are breaking new ground in the field of economic sociology.

In the Interview, Lane Kenworthy and David Grusky discuss the topic of policy engagement. Kenworthy describes what it means to him and how he initially got involved. He explains:

 ​My policy engagement has consisted mainly of researching policy-relevant issues and trying to convey my findings to audiences beyond academia. I’ve always been interested in “big” questions, though not always policy-relevant ones. As an undergraduate and in my first two years of graduate school, the kinds of questions that most interested me were: What did the 1960s social movements accomplish? What is the class structure of advanced capitalist societies? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of capitalism and socialism?


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