SED is open to all researchers across the UCSD campus (faculty, graduate students and affiliates) who employ ethnography as their primary research methodology, and who share a concern with advancing ethnographic design and practice.

Current members of the studio include:

Abigail Andrews (Sociology)
Boatema Boateng (Communication)
Matilde Cordoba Azcarate (Communication)
Fernando Dominguez Rubio (Communication)
Joe Hankins (Anthropology)
Lilly Irani (Communication)
Roshanak Kheshti (Ethnic Studies)
Martha Lampland (Sociology)
Nancy Postero (Anthropology)
Christo Sims (Communication)
Saiba Varma (Anthropology)
Elana Zilberg (Communication)

Cassandra Hartblay (Communication)

Graduate Students
Christina Aushana (Communication)
Noni Brynjolson (Visual Arts)
Laurel Friedman (Communication)
Yelena Gluzman (Communication and Science Studies)
Saúl Hernandez Vargas (Visual Arts)
Amy Kennemore (Anthropology)
Andrew Leffers (Anthropology)
Dominic Paul Miller (Visual Arts)
Sam Mitchell (Theater and Dance)
Ian Mullins (Sociology)
Tara-Lynne Pixley (Communication)
Amy Reid (Visual Arts)
Tim Ridlen (Visual Arts)
Monika Sengul-Jones (Communication and Science Studies)
Sara Solaimani (Visual Arts)
Hermione Spriggs (Visual Arts)
Anna Starshinina (Communication and Science Studies)
Salvador Zárate (Ethnic Studies)