Future of Money Research Collaborative

The Future of Money Research Collaborative is an interdisciplinary group of researchers conducting joint ethnographic and historical research on the ways mobile and digital communication technologies, everyday finance and accounting, and shifting regulatory regimes are intersecting to shape and reshape money. The Future of Money Research Collaborative is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the ethnographic spaces in which we often find ourselves, as we seek to interrogate the infrastructures, past and present, through which value is accounted for and circulated, as well as the social and political imaginaries that accompany and animate such infrastructures. Together and individually, we have written on a variety of topics related to novel and emerging payment and accounting technologies, including mobile money, peer or sharing economy platforms, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain; the history of payment infrastructures; big data; and the uses, forms, meanings, and politics of money generally. In the process, we continue to work through the possibilities and limitations of collaborative, team-based research and writing.