Dr. Piotr Winkielman.  Personal web page:

Graduate Students:

  • Andy Arnold – graduated from Knox College in 2008 with an Honors degree in Neuroscience, and minors in Psychology and Chemistry.  He has research experience in behavioral and molecular neuroscience and cognitive and social psychology.  This included completing an MA in Psychology at the University of Chicago with Dr. John Cacioppo in 2011, as well as stints working at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.  Andy joined the Winkielman lab in 2013 and has a broad range of research interests in the social-biological realm, including empathy, loneliness, embodiment, mimicry, and interoception.
  • Sherry (Yueyi) Jianggraduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2015 with B.A. in Biology & Psychology. She joined the Winkielman lab in 2018. Her current interests include studying the interplay between emotion and decision-making and using computational methods (AI & NLP) to analyze social data.
  • Jenny Yoo – graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2020, where she received a B.A in Cognitive Science (focal areas on neuroscience and cognitive neuropsychology) with minors in Psychology and Applied Math and Statistics. Previously, she has done research as a research assistant in the Cohen Lab at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where she investigated serotonin and its various roles in learning and decision making. Currently, she’s doing research in aesthetic judgment and decision making: how does the mind determine something’s aesthetic value, and what are the various underlying psychological processes? You may likely see her strolling in art museums and interior design showrooms, reading something about good design, or dabbling in UI/UX design during her free time.

Current Research Assistants:

  • Owen Pi (Lab manager)
  • Milka Waniak
  • Romina Vahedizadeh
  • Jie Xie

Lab Visitors:

  • Przemyslaw Marcowski (Warsaw, Poland), Jenny-Charlotte Baumeister  (Trieste, Italy), Boris Bornemann (Berlin, Germany), Giti Bakhtiari (Nijmegen, Netherlands), Marieke De Vries (Nijmegen, Netherlands), Michal Olszanowski (Warsaw, Poland), Marco Warth (Mannheim, Germany), Mario Reutter (Wuerzburg, Germany), Natalie Dalle (Clairmont-Ferrand, France), Robert Balas (Warsaw, Poland), Suzanne Oosterweijk (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Yaacov Shul (Jerusalem, Israel), Johanna Rohr (Mannheim, Germany), Ira Theresa Maschmann (Wuerzburg, Germany), Stanny Goffin (Maastricht, Netherlands), Josh Davis (PhD Candidate, Cognitive Science)


  • Angela Yu – UCSD Cognitive Science
  • Christopher Oveis – UCSD Rady School of Management
  • Luke Chang – Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth
  • Brian Knutson – Psychology and Neuroscience at Stanford
  • Norbert Schwarz – USC Dornsife Mind & Society Center
  • Paula Niedenthal – Psychology at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Rolf Reber –  Psychology at University of Oslo
  • Kent C Berridge – Psychology and Neuroscience at University of Michigan

Recent Ph.D. Alumni:

Lab Alumni:

  • Josh Davis, Arseny Ryazanov, Troy Chenier, Tedra Clark (Fazendeiro), Julie Wilbarger, Aimee Reichmann-Decker, Lindsay Shenk (Oberman), Rachel Jansen, Divya Krishnakumar, Michelle Chung, Alyssa Vu, Joshua Lim, Jonathan Castelo, Paul Gurule, Christelle Gillioz, Brandon Tong, Eva Liu, Mark Marzoni