Research Methods

My qualitative work is falls into three categories: (1) Youth Participatory Action Research (yPAR), or studying with youth as co-researchers, (e.g. Mathematics, critical literacy, and youth participatory action research) (2) ethnographies of youth popular culture, (e.g. Organizing MySpace, 2007; A Disrupting Darkness, 2011) (3) ethnographies of central administration, as a instance of “studying up” (Rites to Reform).

My quantitative work is limited to descriptive statistics of school-level and citywide data sets of student achievement and disciplinary actions, as well as district budgets. These are usually part of my public intellectual service to community organizers and/or school administrators, but are also referred to in my article, Discipline or Punish? Some suggestions for teacher practice and policy.

I also employ critical cartographic methods, as emblematic in The Postcolonial Ghetto: Seeing his shape and her hand, and Terra sacer and 21st century invasion: A ghetto land pedagogy is an antidote for settler environmentalism.

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