“Necroculture” by Charlie Thorpe available now!

The Department of Sociology is excited to announce Professor Charlie Thorpe’s┬álatest book: Necroculture, published by Palgrave-Macmillan.
Professor Thorpe announces,

“This is primarily a work of social/cultural theory, drawing on Marx’s metaphor of capital as a vampire, and the idea of capitalism as the domination of living labor by dead labor, as well as on Erich Fromm’s Marxist-psychoanalytic philosophy, in order to analyze contemporary culture. It deals with topics like the zombie in television and film, apocalyptic science fiction, artificial life, climate change and ecological destruction, transhumanism, internet pornography, and the politics of the Tea Party and the gun lobby.”

The book can also be purchased on Amazon. Congratulations Professor Thorpe!

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