50% Staff Position in Latin American Studies

The Department of Sociology administratively house the Latin American Studies Program at UC San Diego. There is currently a 50% Student Affairs Officer position available:

The Student Affairs Officer (SAO) is part of a team managing undergraduate and graduate affairs in the Latin American Studies Program. Responsible for the day to day management of all aspects of the undergraduate and master’s programs in Latin American Studies.

Involved in the management of a wide array of student affairs functions including counseling students on various undergraduate and graduate programs; analyzing, interpreting and implementing departmental and university broadly defined policies; preparing the annual and quarterly teaching schedules; coordinating the classes and faculty selected to teach in Summer Session; coordinating graduate admissions; managing graduate student support and employment; and organizing publicity for the various programs in appropriate venues.

Responsible for the maintenance of records for majors, minors, master’s students and making recommendations to the Program Director, faculty committees, faculty members and MSO on matters related to the undergraduate and graduate programs in Latin American Studies Program.

Applications must be submitted by Thursday Sept. 8th.

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