What does a brain and a foil crown have to do with Feminist IT?

A teaser of what is to come on April 19, 2013


Our closing roundtable, “Storming the Female Brain,” will be led by Victoria Vesna, media sci-artist and Professor of Design / Media Arts and Director of the Art/Sci Center at the School of the Arts and California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA. Vesna will work with cognitive scientist Morana Alač, Professor of Communication at UCSD, and other brain experts to brainstorm brain science and ponder the impressive matter of the female brain.

This will be the fifth iteration of an ongoing project called “Brain Storming” that Dr. Vesna launched with neuroscientist Marc Cohen at the UCI Beall Gallery of Technology. Other sessions have included ‘Brain Storming the Brain Storm,’ ‘Brain Storming Water,’ ‘Brain Storming Turing (Beall),’ and ’Brain Storming the Brain with neuro-biologist Constance Hammond.’

Register here to witness the Brain Storm and participate in the full-day Assembly on April 19.

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