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June 7th: Panel on Youth and New Media at the Department of Communication’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

On June 7th I’ll be running a panel on youth and new media as part of the Department of Communication’s 30th Anniversary Celebration. The panel will start at 3:15 PM in the IR/PS Gardner Room at UCSD. My panel co-participants are Mary L. Gray (Indiana University and Microsoft Research), Mimi Ito (University of California, Irvine), Robert Lecusay (UCSD), and Lauren Berliner (UCSD).

Situating Situated Practices Symposium, UCSD, May 15th

On May 15th Fernando Dominguez Rubio and I will be hosting a symposium on ‘situated practices’ as part of the Communication Department’s Intellectual Life Series. Carol Padden, Mike Cole, Elana Zilberg, and Patrick Anderson will also be participating. If you’re in San Diego and would like to join, the symposium will run from 12-2PM and will be located in room 201 in the Media Center and Communication building.

Welcome to my new website

After nearly six years of reliable service, I decided to retire my hand built website and move to WordPress. RIP old friend. I hope to keep this new site more up-to-date, by posting announcements about publications, conferences, talks, and other notable research related news. Stay tuned…