Welcome to the Comparative Cognition Lab

We are the Comparative Cognition Lab at the University of California, San Diego, most interested in human sociality: How it develops through ontogeny (development), what makes human social life possible and sustainable (cognitively, emotionally, behaviorally), and how similar it is to the social life of other animals. Comparative cognition offers a way to determine which socio-cognitive skills are uniquely human, and to what degree there is continuity between our human abilities and those of our closest relatives (the great apes) — and other non-human animals. Through this work, we can explore the evolutionary origins of the human mind.

CCL organizes interdisciplinary research aimed at studying the cognitive behavior and abilities of children, adults, and a variety of non-human animals.


How to Get Involved?

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Contact Us

Lab Manager

Christina Ruiz-Mendoza
Email: cogsci-cclab@ucsd.edu
Phone: (858) 246-2293


Dr. Federico Rossano
Email: frossano@ucsd.edu

UCSD Cognitive Science Building
Room #217
La Jolla, CA 92093