Thank you for your interest in PSYC 116!

This unique course provides the opportunity to enhance your experience as a research assistant in a UCSD clinical research lab by developing skills relevant to research-based careers in mental health. In PSYC 116 A-C, students focus on developing professional skills during weekly experience-based seminar meetings, including developing oral and written presentation skills, critically evaluating and discussing extant literature, mastering APA style, understanding the value and process of grant submission, and generating research ideas.

Apply here for the 2020-21 PSYC 116 cohort by April 21, 2020.

The coursework is linked to a PSYC 199 lab placement in which students engage in a variety of research activities, which may include collecting and entering data; recruiting, interviewing, and screening participants; learning specialized laboratory skills; and attending weekly lab meetings with a Principal Investigator (PI) and his or her team.

This course is an excellent opportunity to preview graduate studies in clinical psychology or other mental-health related fields. It is less directly applicable to those who are seeking a career in patient care.

Learn more about the current PSYC 116 professor, Dr. Ariel Lang.  Answers to most Frequently Asked Questions can be found on our FAQ page.