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The department of Linguistics and English Language at the University of Edinburgh is seeking to appoint two lecturers: one in Theoretical Phonology and one in Sociolinguistics. (These are full-time, permanent positions, equivalent to Assistant Professor in the American system.)

The application deadline is in slightly less than one month. Please pass on the information to any potentially interested candidates and/or apply yourself.

Brief details follow below. For full details, go to the following website, click on ‘Academic vacancies’ and then search for Vacancy Reference 010983:


A contact email is given below – this should be used for all official enquiries, but I would be happy to answer informal queries (patrick.honeybone@ed.ac.uk).

Vacancy Details
Vacancy Ref: 010983
Closing Date: 22-Mar-2013
Contact Person: Shirley Kirkaldy
Contact Email: PPLSAppointments@ed.ac.uk
Contact Number: (0131) 651 1684

Theoretical Phonology
The position is aimed to complement our already-existing strengths in closely related areas, including the acquisition of phonology, computational phonology, historical phonology, phonological dialectology, the phonology of English, laboratory phonology, phonetics and sociophonetics. The successful candidate will bring a focus in synchronic phonological theory and will offer courses at both UG and MSc level and will be expected to supervise and recruit PhD students.

Current strengths in the department related to sociolinguistics include sociophonetics, language variation and change, language and identity, language and politics, language attitudes, applied linguistics and English dialectology. The department is interested in building on its existing strengths and in expanding the range of research areas that are currently taught and researched. Applicants are encouraged to indicate in their covering letter how their research programme would add to these current areas of focus. Experience in research with a quantitative orientation, and the ability to teach the use of statistics in research in the language sciences, will be a plus. The successful candidate will offer courses at both UG and MSc level and will be expected to supervise and recruit PhD students.

The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

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