12th Conference on Laboratory Phonology

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The 12th Conference on Laboratory Phonology,
to be held at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM, USA.

Dates of conference: 8-10 July 2010
Theme: Gesture as Language, Gesture and Language.
More information at conference website http://www.unm.edu/~labfon12/

Deadline for abstract submission: 20 November 2009
Notification of acceptance: 1 February 2010

Call for Papers

Abstracts are solicited for contributed papers for presentation as 30-minute oral contributions or as posters. Contributions relating to the conference themes are especially encouraged; there will also be sessions for non-thematic papers.

The overall theme for the conference is “Gesture as language, gesture and language.” Our goal is to bring together researchers who have a gestural perspective on language to encourage cross-fertilization between different approaches and areas of research. Some specific topics that address this theme are the following:

– Speech as gesture. How are gestures used to create phonological structure? What are the fundamental gestural units, and how are they coordinated? How discrete or continuous are the gestures of language? How parallel or different are the gestural organization of spoken and signed languages?
– Phonology of signed languages. The same issues are relevant for signed languages as for spoken languages.
– Gesture with language. How are non-linguistic gestures used in concert with language? How are these gestures coordinated with speech? How similar or different are the non-linguistic gestures accompanying spoken and signed languages, and are their functions similar across modalities?
– Audiovisual aspects of speech. To what extent are visual cues exploited in spoken language communication? How are aural and visual information integrated?
– Diversity of speech gestures, focusing on Native American languages. How varied are the gestures used by different languages? How does this diversity inform our understanding of phonological structure?
– Modulation of linguistic gestures through prosody or sound change. How are gestures modified by linguistic or communicative context? What are the natural paths of change over time in the gestural structure of languages? How are phonological systems affected by such changes? How is the effect of prosody similar, or different, in signed and spoken language? What different effects does prosody have on gestures produced using different articulators, in speech or in sign?

Abstracts are to be submitted as a PDF file containing an anonymous one-page abstract at the following address:

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