Phonology 25.3

The latest (online) issue (Vol. 25, Iss. 3) has recently been announced.

Phonology Volume 25 – Issue 03 – December 2008
(Author URLs included when I could easily find them.)

Research Articles

Why labial-velar stops merge to /gb/ (pp 379 – 398)
Michael C. Cahill

Phonetic variability and grammatical knowledge: an articulatory study of Korean place assimilation (pp 399 – 431)
Alexei Kochetov and Marianne Pouplier

Prevocalic faithfulness (pp 433 – 468)
Jerzy Rubach

The calling contour in Hungarian and English (pp 469 – 497)
László Varga

An articulatory view of Kinyarwanda coronal harmony (pp 499 – 535)
Rachel Walker, Dani Byrd, and Fidèle Mpiranya

Book Reviews

Sharon Inkelas and Cheryl Zoll (2005). Reduplication: doubling in morphology. (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics 106). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp. xxii+254. (pp 537 – 545)
Suzanne Urbanczyk

Sharon Hargus (2007). Witsuwit’en grammar: phonetics, phonology, morphology. (First Nations Languages Series.) Vancouver and Toronto: UBC Press. Pp. xv+837. (pp 546 – 553)
Keren Rice

Edmund Gussmann (2007). The phonology of Polish. (The Phonology of the World’s Languages.) Oxford: Oxford University Press. Pp. xiii+367. (pp 554 – 556)
Anna Łubowicz

Notes for contributors (pp 559 – 562)

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