Conference on the Foot in Phonology

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Conference on the Foot in Phonology

Sponsored by the MA/PhD program in linguistics at the City University of New
York and the CUNY phonology forum

January 15th-17th, 2009 at the CUNY graduate center, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York
City, 10016

Call for Papers

Call for Presentations:

We invite oral and poster presentations from any subdivision of cognitive science such as formal linguistics, language acquisition, neurolinguistics, philosophy, psychology, etc. We also encourage diversity in methods, so we welcome both formal and experimental approaches to the topic of the foot in

By ”foot” we mean any structural entity that has been proposed to describe or explain stress, rhythmic and/or prosodic phenomena above the level of the syllable. The conference organizers especially want to encourage both oral and poster proposals from a variety of theoretical frameworks.

The following list of questions is meant to be suggestive and provocative. In fact the organizers wish to open the field of discussion to all matters related to foot structure in phonology and/or phonetics.

Do feet exist?

Are feet hierarchically superordinate to syllables (or are they on separate planes)?

What is the internal structure of the foot?

What principles determine foot structure?

Are feet hierarchically dominated by other prosodic categories?

Is foot structure lexically distinctive? If so, how is this distinction represented?

How is foot structure derived (if indeed it is)?

What aspects of feet are referred to by morphological and phonological rules/constraints?

How do phonetic feet relate to phonological feet (and vice versa)?

Invited Speakers:

To Be Announced

Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts for oral or poster presentations should consist of a one page description (12pt font) with a second page for references, data and/or illustrations. Please specify whether it is a proposal for a poster or an oral presentation, or potentially either. Although we will make every effort to honor authors’ requests, the criterion for assigning a proposal to either the oral or the poster format is simply whether the subject matter is better suited for one or the other mode of presentation. Abstracts should be emailed as an attachment (PDF format) to no later than midnight, November 1, 2008. Authors should include title of the proposal, name of the author(s) and
affiliation in the body of the email.

Important Dates and Information:

November 1, 2008 deadline for abstracts submission

December 1, 2008 notification of acceptance

January 15-17, 2009 Conference on the foot in phonology

Contact and Further Information:

Organized by Chuck Cairns, CUNY and Eric Raimy, University of Wisconsin

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