NAPhC5 program up

A little poking around the Interwebs reveals that the NAPhC5 program is up. (Did I miss it on LINGUIST List? I don’t think so.) No links to abstracts or anything, but otherwise not a bad-looking website they have up this year.

I’m guessing that the acronym is supposed to be pronounced [ˈnæfsi], but whenever I try to say it, I keep performing these rules (in this order)…

  1. [±cont] Dissimilation: [+cont] → [-cont] / __ [+cont]
  2. Place Assimilation: C → [αplace] / __ [αplace]
  3. Metathesis: [-cont]1 [+cont]2 → [+cont]2 [-cont]1

(Just kidding, folks.)

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