Precedence Relationships in Phonological Grammar

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Full Title: Precedence Relationships in Phonological Grammar

Date: 25-Jan-2007 – 26-Jan-2007
Location: New York, New York, USA
Contact Person: Chuck Cairns
Meeting Email: ccairns -x- (-x- = at)
Web Site:

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; Phonology

Call Deadline: 10-Nov-2006

Meeting Description:

Precedence Relationships in Phonological Grammar

The CUNY Phonology Forum presents a conference focused on investigating all aspects of precedence (temporal or sequential) relationships in phonology. The conference will bring together subdivisions of cognitive science such as formal linguistics, language acquisition, neurolinguistics, philosophy, psychology, etc. to create a broad survey of the issues, successes and approaches in understanding the nature of precedence in phonology. (We use the terms “precedence,” “temporal” and “sequential” interchangeably below to keep the area of interest broad.)

– What is unique to temporal (or sequential) representation in phonology? What is derivable from general cognitive functions?

– Does temporal representation change over the course of language acquisition (e.g. from syllable representations to segment representations)?

– Where are temporal relations encoded in the phonology? On each featural tier? Strictly on the X-tier? Or are they all derivable from syllabic or other prosodic structure?

– What do ‘non-concatenative morphology’ (e.g. reduplication, infixation, root and template morphology) and ludlings tell us about the existence and manipulation of ordering relationships in phonology?

– Do progressive and regressive operations (either local or long distance) in phonology yield insights into sequential order of phonological segments?

– How can sequential information be manipulated and/or referred to in phonology? E.g., what are the underlying formal mechanisms involved in metathesis, linearity, contiguity, etc.?

– How does the phonological representation of ordering information get translated into phonetic information?

Abstracts should consist of a one page description of the paper (12pt font) with a second page for references, data and/or illustrations. Abstracts should be emailed as an attachment (PDF format) to ccairns -x- no later than midnight, November 10, 2006. The subject line should be ”precedence conference.” Authors should include title of the paper, name of the author(s) and affiliation in the body of the email.

Invited Speakers: (This is a preliminary list)

Elizabeth Hume, Ohio State University

William Idsardi, University of Maryland

Charles Reiss, Concordia University

Important Dates and Information:

November 10, 2006: deadline for submission of abstracts
December 1, 2006: notification of acceptance
January 25/26, 2007: Precedence relationships in phonological grammar


Graduate Center, City University of New York, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York
City, New York 10016-4309.

Registration and Update Information:

Check this website for registration and updates.

Organizers: Chuck Cairns, CUNY, and Eric Raimy, University of Wisconsin

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