Methods in Empirical Prosody Research

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Title: Methods in Empirical Prosody Research
Series Title: Language, Context and Cognition 3
Published: 2006
Publisher: Mouton de Gruyter (Book URL)

Stefan Sudhoff, University of Leipzig
Denisa Lenertová, University of Leipzig
Roland Meyer, University of Regensburg
Sandra Pappert, University of Leipzig
Petra Augurzky, Philipps University Marburg
Ina Mleinek, University of Leipzig
Nicole Richter, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Johannes Schließer, University of Leipzig
Hardback: ISBN: 3110188562 Pages: 391 Price: Europe EURO 98.00
Hardback: ISBN: 3110188562 Pages: 391 Price: U.S. $ 132.30

This book contains a collection of cutting-edge papers on methodological aspects of prosody research. Current approaches to the gathering, treatment, and interpretation of prosodic data are discussed by experts in the field, illustrated by their own empirical research. Contributions focus on the choice and measurement of prosodic parameters, the establishment of prosodic categories, annotation structures for spoken-language data, and experimental methods for production and perception studies (including the construction of materials, modes of presentation, online vs. offline tasks, judgement scales, data processing, and statistical evaluation). The volume will serve as a handbook linking data collection and interpretation, allowing researchers in linguistics and related fields to make more informed decisions concerning their empirical work in prosody.

List of Contributors:
Alice Turk, Satsuki Nakai, Mariko Sugahara, Dik J. Hermes, Christophe d’Alessandro, Greg Kochanski, Klaus J. Kohler, Stefan Baumann, Dafydd Gibbon, Fred Cummins, Kiwako Ito, Shari R. Speer, Duane G. Watson, Christine A. Gunlogson, Michael K. Tanenhaus, Toni Rietveld, Aoju Chen, Carlos Gussenhoven, Katrin Schneider, Britta Lintfert, Grzegorz Dogil, Bernd Möbius

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