MA Program in Phonetics & Phonology of Portuguese

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The University of Lisbon (DLGR,Faculdade de Letras) offers a Masters Program in Linguistics (Phonetics and Phonology): Sounds and Melodies of Portuguese. The aim is to improve understanding of sound structure and provide training on various applied areas where such knowledge is needed.

The Courses taught are designed to deepen the students’ knowledge of Portuguese phonetics and phonology and put it into use in areas such as language teaching, language acquisition and development, speech production and perception, speech therapy, speech recognition, or forensic phonetics. The MA is suitable both for those with some prior knowledge of the subject and for appropriately motivated beginners. Among the former are students whose undergraduate degree included linguistic course units where the basics of phonetics and phonology was taught. The latter category includes good graduates that have encountered linguistics, and in particular phonetics and phonology, only indirectly through teaching degrees, psychology, philosophy, computer science, journalism, music, and other fields.

The program begins in fall semester 2006/2007. The application deadline is October 13.

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