Laryngeal spreading


Do you know of any processes where [constricted] or [spread] glottis spread at the same time as [voice]?

The only cases I can find reference to (which are repeated again and again) are Sanskrit and Ancient Greek. The pronunciation of consonant clusters in these languages has been (and still is) the subject of heated philological debate and the analyses given by Kenstowicz and Lombardi are limited to a very small number of words ie. missing all the exceptions.

Kehrein proposes Oromo as a language which spreads [voice] and [constricted], but his source makes it quite clear that there are more exceptions and complications to the process than words satisfying the rule.

Given that the Laryngeal Node which dominates these features is meant to be a fixture of universal grammar, shouldn’t there be more, and preferably more clear, examples of this process?

— Duncan Sillitoe

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