… or don't say it at all.

Gmail is probably not able to tell if you’re gay, but the targeted text ads are pretty interesting. A significant amount of the mail I get at phonoloblog#gmail|com are accompanied by the following “sponsored link” for a company which happens used to be located in nearby Carlsbad, CA (recently relocated to Tybee Island, GA):

Got /r/ problems?
www.sayitright.org – The Entire World of R -the ultimate program for all 21 vocalic /r/ ‘s

Someday I’ll play around and see which keywords bring this ad up and which don’t. But follow the link to the site and check out the Phonologic Strategy for /r/ Remediation article — it’s not like it’s 100% inaccurate or anything, but skimming through it I’m reminded of something that my friend and nearby colleague Jessica Barlow has noted on more than one occasion: there’s a great need for more folks with actual more thorough linguistic training in the speech therapy fields.

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