The test is (almost) back

Back in January, I expressed frustration at how much comment spam I was having to deal with, and declared a moratorium on comments. Since then, a few folks have written to let me know that the new version (v1.5) of WordPress might help with the comment spam problem.

So I recently upgraded my own website to WordPress v1.5 so that I could play around with it, and I like what I’ve seen so far. Fortunately, the upgrade itself was very quick and easy, and so (as you can see) I decided to go ahead and try it with phonoloblog.

The most significant change, apart from the look of the site, is that comments are once again enabled. (But note: authors have to explicitly allow comments on their individual posts by clicking on the “Allow comments” checkbox on the post-editing page. I recommend doing this from now on, but it’s certainly not mandatory.)

However: only registered users are allowed to post a comment (and, at least for the time being, I am going to moderate comments just in case). All authors are automatically registered users; as always, anyone who wants to be a user and/or an author is free to contact me (phonoloblog#gmail|com) and I will take care of it.

Another change that only authors will notice is a somewhat different look to the WordPress administrative interface. This is mostly cosmetic, and not at all difficult to figure out. All in all, the new version of WordPress is a definite improvement and I hope to have the time to take more advantage of the new features in my wishful-thinking-future-copious-free-time.

— Eric

2 thoughts on “The test is (almost) back

  1. Bob Kennedy

    Sweet! Looks good. However, the format has messed with some IPA unicoding in existing posts, so I wll have to offer a caveat to new phonoloblog readers that it will take me some time to fix the characters in older posts.

  2. Eric Bakovic

    Can you check the IPA again, Bob? I think I just fixed it; I had forgotten to add a line to the new stylesheet. But what I see on my browser may not be what you see …

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