Wanted: a new style sheet

Intrigued by Language Log’s colorful pseudo-plant created by OrganicHTML, I decided to see what phonoloblog’s would look like. The result: not pretty.

Pathetic, really. Not even a spot of color. Apparently this is expected of CSS-only sites like this one. But truth be told, I didn’t spend too much time with the style sheet for phonoloblog, mostly because I’m not all that familiar with CSS and don’t have the time to sit down and learn more than the bare minimum I’ve already gathered to cobble the current style sheet together (mostly stolen from elsewhere). The result is functional and (I think) not terrible-looking, but of course it could look better. So if there’s anyone out there reading this who has CSS knowledge and some spare time, feel free to send me (phonoloblog#gmail|com) your idea for a new phonoloblog style sheet. Your reward, apart from my undying gratitude and a special mention on phonoloblog, may be an improvement in the look of our pseudo-plant (once OrganicHTML is updated to include CSS, that is — if ever). Sorry, no cash awards available.