Selected presentations

(a full list of materials is provided in my CV; feel free to email me for anything not linked here)

  • 2020. Dependent case in syntactically ergative languages: Evidence from Inuit and West Circassian. LSA 2020, New Orleans, LA. With Ksenia Ershova. [handout]
  • 2020. Deriving ergativity from object shift across Inuit (Eskimo-Aleut). LSA 2020, New Orleans, LA. [handout]
  • 2019. Deriving variation in ergativity across Eskimo-Aleut. NELS 50, MIT. [handout]
  • 2019. Participle-incorporation in Inuit: Consequences for incorporation and polysynthesis. Invited talk at Princeton Symposium on Syntactic Theory 2019, Princeton University. [handout]
  • 2019. Morphological conditions on copy spell-out: Insights from Inuktitut noun incorporation. LSA 2019, New York, NY. [handout]
  • 2018.┬áLexical case as an Anaphor Agreement Effect: The view from Inuktitut. NELS 49, Cornell University. [handout]
  • 2018. Last Resort licensing in Inuktitut. WSCLA 23, University of Ottawa. [handout]
  • 2016. Subordinate clause types and the left periphery in Kikuyu. LSA 2016, Washington, DC. [handout]