Work in progress

  • submitted. Case as an Anaphor Agreement Effect: Evidence from Inuktitut. [lingbuzz]
  • submitted. Agreement in Inuktut. In: The Eskimo-Aleut Languages, Oxford University Press. With Richard Compton.
  • submitted. The morphosyntax of participle-incorporating existentials in Inuktitut. In: Proceedings of WSCLA 24. [lingbuzz]
  • under revision. Ergativity and object shift across Inuit. [lingbuzz]


  • to appear. Diagnosing object agreement vs. clitic doubling: An Inuit case study. Linguistic Inquiry. [doi | lingbuzz (preprint)]
  • 2020. Dependent case and clitic dissimilation in Yimas. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 38, 937-985. [doi | lingbuzz (preprint)]
  • 2019. Nominal-clitic case mismatches. In: Proceedings of WCCFL 36. With Matt Tyler. [lingbuzz]
  • 2018. M-merger and copy spell-out in Inuktitut noun incorporation. In: Proceedings of NELS 48. [pdf]
  • 2018. Anti-agreement with bound variables. In: Proceedings of WCCFL 35. With Nico Baier. [lingbuzz]
  • 2017. More on Undermerge: Phrasal and head movement interactions in Kikuyu. In: A Pesky Set: Papers for David Pesetsky, MITWPL. [link | pdf]
  • 2016. Dependent case is dissimilation: Evidence from Yimas. In: Proceedings of NELS 46. [superceded by this paper]
  • 2016. Case competition and case domains: Evidence from Yimas. In: Proceedings of CLS 51. [superceded by this paper]
  • 2015. Person restrictions in South Baffin Inuktitut: An argument for feature movement. In: Proceedings of WSCLA 19, UBCWPL 32. [lingbuzz]


  • 2018. Dimensions of ergativity in Inuit: Theory and microvariation. MIT dissertation. [lingbuzz]

other manuscripts

  • 2017. Movement to complement in Kikuyu and the syntax of focus association. 2nd generals paper, MIT. [pdf]