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U.S. labs clamor for marmosets – Science

Miller, CT – Guest Editor (2017) Special Issue: Marmosets as a Model Primate for Neuroscience Research. Developmental Neurobiology. Issue Link

Articles authored in special issue:

  • Miller, C.T. 2017. Why Marmosets? Developmental Neurobiology, 77, 237-243. Article Link
  • Eliades, S.E. & Miller, C.T. 2017. Marmoset vocal communication: Neurobiology and Behavior. Developmental Neurobiology, 77, 286-299. Article Link

Bee, MA & Miller, CT. (eds) 2017. Psychological Mechanisms in Animal Communication. Springer.

Toarmino, C.; Wong, L. & Miller, CT. 2017. Audience affects decision-making in a marmoset communication network. Biology Letters, 13, 20160934. Article Link

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Miller, C et al. 2016. Marmosets: A Neuroscientific Model of Human Social Behavior. Neuron, 90, 219–233. Article Link

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