My research specializes in understanding the social and spatial inequalities produced by the tourism industry when it is employed as a development tool. This research builds on four different but closely related projects:

militarized space

Ecotourism Development, Conservation, Labor Mobilities

Ecotourism Development, Neoliberal Conservation, Natural Protected Areas, Labor Mobilities, Space Production, Environmental Managerialism, Commodification of Nature, Spectacle.


DSC07593Heritage Politics, Colonial Imaginaries, Indigenous Luxury Tourism

Community Development, Cultural Heritage, Landscapes and Materiality, Public Policies, Space and Place, Colonial Continuities, Social Inequalities, Elite Mobilities, Indigenous Governance.



Ecological Crisis, Urban Governance and Informality 

Urban Governance, Built Environment, Tourism Infrastructures, Enclave Geographies, Space and Resource Enclosures, Disaster Capitalism, Moral Economy.


jose en su casa trabajandoDomestic Maquila, Souvenir Production, Debt

Global Production Networks, Crafts and Commodity Chains, Maquiladoras, Cosmopolitanism, Emergent Rural-Urban Forms, Financial Capitalism, Debt as Sociality, Ethnographic Documentary.