Open Reading Lists

Silicon Valley and Militarism Syllabus
A syllabus compiled collectively on Twitter in the wake of the Google Maven protests against Pentagon drone contracts.

People’s History of Silicon Valley Syllabus
A syllabus compiled collectively on Twitter as a way of teaching people’s agency over technology often attributed to a Goliath-like industry.

Doctoral Courses

Science Studies Graduate Seminar: Colonialities, Circulations, and Technoscience (COGR 225B, HIGR 239, PHIL 209B, SOCG 255B) – This course explores Science Studies approaches to science and technology as global processes. We situate ourselves by beginning with debates about euro-centrism in Science Studies. We then trace debates through colonial, postcolonial, decolonial, transnational, area studies, and global approaches to Science Studies to show how these approaches bring new dimensions to our understanding of topics such as knowledge, nature, bodies, and technology.

COGR 275 – Design and Politics – Design is often thought of as political, or as related to politics. This course examines varied historical relations design has had to politics. We do so by while in view that the social categories of design and politics are themselves socially constructed, if materially consequential.

Undergraduate Courses

Comm 124A – Critical Design Practice – Winter 2021 (2016) (Intermediate Undergrad Elective) – A project-based class on design as an occasion for politics — for making an issue out of something and bringing people into it. Students develop an on-campus intervention by the end of the quarter.

Comm 106i – Internet Industries – Winter 2020 (Intermediate Undergrad Elective) – A course emphasizing reading and digital writing, exploring how the political economy of the internet transforms the world of work and everyday life. Students write throughout the quarter, building up to a substantive intervention in Wikipedia’s coverage of the internet industries and their cultural implications.

Comm 100A – Communication, the Person, and Everyday Life (2019, 2021)